Ontur offers a Multi-purpose Terminal for the handling of general cargo and containers; there are six hectares for storage, a warehouse for cellulose of 30,000 square metres, a pier for barge 300 metres long with a draught of 4 to 5 metres and a oceanic pier 180 metres long and 40 metres wide with a draught of 32 feet in its external face and 28 feet in its internal face.

In its river pier, the Terminal has 2 cranes, one of them is a river gantry crane of 20 tons, specially manufactured for forestry products and the other one is a multi-purpose crane to handle cargo of up to 45 tons.
For the handling of cargo, trailers are used, capable of moving up to 64 tons of useful load, having also gripping trucks for stowage and unstacking.
Ontur has a reachstacker with the aim of developing the activity of containers in the port of Nueva Palmira.
The company furnishes services of reception and unloading of goods, storage and control of inventories, unitization and/or containerization, logistic services, loading and unloading of oceanic vessels and has information in place about operations in real time.