Vision: being the leading multi-purpose port terminal in the region, recognized for our excellence in logistic services.


Mission: providing logistic solutions of excellence, in a continuous improvement strategy:


  • Exceeding our customers’ expectations
  • Being protagonists of the social and environmental development of the Nueva Palmira community and society as a whole
  • Contributing to our people’s self-realization
  • Increasing the economic yield of our investors
  • Developing sustainable relations with our suppliers








ONTUR plans and develops its activities by means of an Integrated Management System, undertaking the following commitments


  • ONTUR acknowledges the protection of the environment and providing safe and healthy working conditions as a cornerstone for the organization’s growth, employee’s and collaborator’s well-being, and quality of life improvement of society as a whole.


  • ONTUR undertakes to observe and comply all environmental and occupational safety and health legal requirements and commitments applicable to its activities.


  • ONTUR undertakes to take the best measures within its reach to prevent environmental pollution, preserve the environment and prevent occupational injuries and health impairments, participating of stakeholder groups.


  • ONTUR grants and fosters equal opportunities for all persons without distinction of race, color, sex, sexual preference, sexual condition, religion, political opinion or of any other nature. Any type of harassment, violence or discrimination is condemned. Every person has equal rights, as proclaimed in all of the company’s policies.


  • ONTUR undertakes to create an Integrated Management System based in the concept of continuous improvement, in order to enhance environmental performance and occupational safety and health.


  • The most valuable capital invested by the organization is formed by the people who are part of ONTUR and its collaborators. Each of them is responsible for the prevention and control of contamination factors, the rational use of natural resources, the continuous improvement in waste management, and the maintenance of operational safety conditions